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Classroom Technology and Student Endowment Accounts by Scott A. Adams

To Boutique or Not to Boutique in a Small Market? by Joe Ballenger and Cathy R. Henderson

Use of Web-Based Homework for an Undergraduate Introductory Finance Course: Students’ Perceptions by Robert C. Cutshall and Eugene M. Bland

Spreading Financial Acumen One Day at a Time by Deanne Butchey

Student Credit Card Usage and the Perceived Importance of Financial Literacy Education by Juan M. Dempere, Ramon Griffin and Paul Camp

Does the Internal Rate of Return Calculation Require a Reinvestment Rate Assumption?—There Is Still No Consensus by John S. Walker, Henry F. Check, Jr. and Karen L. Randall

A Staple Does Not Make it a Team Project: An Examination of Collaboration in Student Teams by Sharon Clinebell, John Clinebell and Mary Stecher

What Engineering Economy Offers that Can Improve the Teaching of Introductory Corporate Finance by Ted G. Eschenbach

Aqua Farming: Inventory Issues at the Mattsaka Fish Farm by Roger J. Gagnon and Marco Lam

Enhancing Project Management Skills in Business Curriculum by Catherine E. Giunta

Do Student Evaluations Match Alumni Expectations? A Study of a Specialized Master's Program in Finance by Carla Guevara and Scott Stewart

AACSB Standards: Assessment of a Finance Program by Nell S. Gullett and Arnold L. Redman

Experiential and Transformative Learning: New York Financial Institutions Visits by Karen Hallows and Jody Murphy

Don’t Dis My Abilities by Nell Tabor Hartley

Capital Structure Decision-Making with Growth: An Instructional Class Exercise by Robert M. Hull

The Application of FRICTO Analysis to Making Financing Decisions in Practice: Two Case Examples in Australia by George W. Kester, Jamie Mckellar and Jeremiah Mulcahy

Berkshire Hathaway: A Successful Conglomerate and Not Just a Mutual Fund! By V. Sivarama Krishnan and R. Barry Ellis

Opening Terminal Value’s Black Box by Francisco J. López Lubian

Student Management Funds Using ETFs and a Single Inverse ETF by David Nawrocki

What’s In a Name? Exploring Curricula Naming for Marketing Communication Courses by Denise Ogden and James R. "Doc" Ogden

A Graduate Study Abroad Course Involving Both MBA and Law Students by Kevin J. O'Mara

Incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability into a Business Course: A Shared Experience by Obeua S. Persons

The Global Homogeneity of Inside Information by Russ Ray

Capturing Finance Fundamentals Within a Student’s Realm: Using YouTube and Related Technologies by Arlyn R. Rubash and Marjorie A. Rubash

Stock Returns, Risk and Beta by Roger Shelor and Scott Wright

A New Twist on Old Tricks: DuPont Expansions for Public Entities by Paul J. Speaker

The KPI of CSI: A Business Application in the Public Sector by Paul J. Speaker

Are Business School Students Prepared to Present?: The Pedagogy of Presentation Skills in Business Schools by Kristin Stowe, Jane Parent, Lisa Schwartz and Patricia Sendall

Introductory Finance Students’ Perceptions of and Reactions to Instructional Rubrics by Harold B. Tamule and Karen Whelan-Berry

Does Financial Literacy Training in High School Affect Credit Behavior of College Students? by Lisa Tenaglia and Elizabeth Yobaccio

SAS and the Efficient Portfolio by Thomas H. Thompson and Ashraf El-Houbi

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Progression in the Finance Lab by Susan White

Braeside Farm: Financial Analysis of a Startup Service Business by Thomas Willey and Susan Edwards

Meeting the Needs of Visual/Verbal Online Finance Students by Frank Wyrostek

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