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► "Now, Both the Sauna and the Hot Tub Work!! The Racquet Club Changes Management, and Soem Say It's for the Best by Joe Ballenger and C. R. Henderson

► A Class Experiment: The Dollar Auction as a Teaching Tool to Demonstrate the Theory of Behavioral Finance by R. Brian Balyeat

► Are Financial Risks Related to Other Forms of Risk Taking Behavior? Evidence from Survey Data by Lawrence J. Belcher

A Course in Interpersonal Skills by Means of the Internet by Jeffrey Berman

Pre-test Assessment in the Introductory Finance Course by Thomas Berry

Delivering Just-in-Time Learning with Self-Correcting Excel Worksheets by Eric L. Blazer

► Investment and Borrowment Rates of Return by Theodore Bos and Joe Walker

► Introducing Students to Business Using an Integrated Case Study and Business Plan Project by Karen Collins

Oak Park Cyclery: A Case Study by Michael S. Bogovich and Daniel P. Condon

Evaluating the Success of Faculty-Driven Assessment Plans for Continuous Improvement in the Finance Major by Deanne Butchey and William W. Welch

Building Business School General Education Curricula by Ralph Byington and David S. Harrison

Using Real Money to Motivate Finance Students by Sean Cleary and Greg MacKinnon

► Student Perceptions of Teaching Techniques by William D. Cooper, Akhilesh Chandra and Michael Cornick

► When it All 'Clicks' - The Effectiveness of Using Game Show Technology in the Classroom by Jane Dunnett and Barbara Trenholm

Finance Textbook Prices: Fact and Fantasy by Edward A. Dyl

► An International Marketing Simulation by Mercedes Esteban-Bravo, Nora Lado and Jose M. Vidal-Sanz

An Exploratory Analysis of Minority Business Cases: A Follow-up by Roger J. Gagnon, Jeffrey W. Totten and Shona Morgan

The Significance of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) as Key Competencies for Human Resource Business Professionals by Catherine E. Giunta, Jean Gordon and Michael Williams

► Personality: Everybody Needs One by Nell Tabor Hartley

Pretest in an Introductory Finance Course: Value Added? by Gunita Grover, Jean L. Heck and Nancy J. Heck

Ethics in the Portfolio Management: How Financial Educators Can Encourage the Ethical Behavior of Undergraduate Finance Students by Mahmoud Haddad and Arnold Redman

The Ethical Implications of Ignoring Shareholder Directives to Remove Antitakeover Provisions by Shawn D. Howton, Shelly W. Howton and Victoria B. McWilliams

► Perceptions of Accounting and Finance Students in South Africa on Cases versus Lectures by George W. Kester, Scott A. Hoover and Adel Du Plessis

Cheating Among Business Students: Determining the Influencing of Religion, Perceptions of Cheating, and the Campus Environment by Stuart Michelson, Lisa Schwartz, Patricia Sendall and Kristen Stowe

► Technology Fluency of Undergraduate Business Students: A Sampling of Current Practice by Mindell Reiss Nitkin and Patricia Clarke

► Can Option Writing Add Profitability? by Arlyn R. Rubash and Marjorie A. Rubash

General Motors at the Crossroads: Assessing the Underlying Value of the Firm's Stock Price by Ralph Sandler

Can Business Curriculum and Education Eliminate Cheaters? by Farooq Sheikh and Anthony Yanxiang Gu

An Exploratory Study to Determine Students' Perceptions of Online Homework by Kathleen Simons and Lookman Buky Folami

► Adding Realism to Classroom Pro-Forma and FCF Valuation Exercises Using Monte Carlo Simulation by Dan Salandro

► Finance Faculty Performance Evaluation: A Self-Assessment by Connie Shum, Kam C. Chan and Samanta Thapa

Evidence of the Moderating Effect of Locus of Control on Ethical Decision Making: How Can Improvement Occur? by Aileen Smith and Evelyn C. Hume

A Case Study in More Realistic Retirement Planning by Harold B. Tamule and Richard B. Goldstein

Readers Digest Association: Debt or Equity by Susan White

Evolution of a Business Summer Camp Program: Admissions Implications by Elizabeth J. Yobaccio and James Segovis

Modeling Potential Implications of a Change in Tenure Policy: A System Dynamics Approach by Elizabeth Yobaccio and Hakan Saraoglu

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