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► Are Business Majors Different? Strategies for Teaching Principles of Microeconomics by Peter Alonzi and Daniel Condon

► The Impact of Online Assignments on Student Performance by Candy A. Bianco, Cristi Lindblom and Mark Nixon


► Summer Business Institute: A Challenging Business Program for Non-Business Students by James P. Borden, Gunita Grover and James M. Emig


► The Case for a Study Abroad Program in Higher Education Business Schools by William N. Nash and Patricia C. Borstorff

► Using Service Learning to Promote Community Financial Health by Deanne Butchey and Dasaratha Rama

► Enhancing Faculty Engagement in Teaching and Learning through a Teaching and Learning Fellows Program by Sharon K. Clinebell, Deborah Romero and John M. Clinebell

► Student Course Evaluations: Key Determinants of Teaching Effectiveness Ratings in Accounting, Business and Economics Courses at a Small Private Liberal Arts College by Timothy M. Diette and George W. Kester

► Sukuk Structures, Profiles and Risks by Mona R. El Shazly and Pragya Tripathy

► Current Issues in Organizational Behavior: Teaching Social Media and BYOD Policies by Tamara L. Gillis

► Evolving International Marketing Curriculum: Learning from Gen Y and Preparing for Gen Z© by Catherine Giunta

► Integrating Critical Inquiry & Global Challenges With International Business, Honors Study Abroad by David S. Harrison, David Newlands and Linda C. Rodríguez

► Long-Term Impact of Minding Our Business Entrepreneurship Programs for Low-Income Middle School Students by Sigfredo A. Hernandez and Cynthia M. Newman

Rent or Sell: An Investment Decision by v. Sivarama Krishnan and David Chapman

► Teaching Finance across Majors in Today’s Classroom: A Template Model for Teaching Finance to Finance and Non-Finance Students Simultaneously by Ashford Maharaj

► Personality Type and Investor Risk Preferences by Karen Mottarella and Stuart Michelson

► The Dodd-Frank Act and Banking Industry Consolidation: A Classroom Experiment by Katie Sobczyk Player

► Assesing Deeper Learning with the NSSE: Can Online Compete with Onsite Learning? by Janita Rawls

► The 787 Dreamliner: Will it be a Dream or Nightmare for Boeing Co. by Lisa A. Schwartz and Jeremy Busby

► Reflective Practice Equals Crafting for Understanding and Commitment to Interactive Assessment (RP=C2) by Patrick Sillup, J.B. Sillup and George P. Sillup

► Credit Compliance: Does Economic Literacy Matter? by Celeste Varum, Joana Costa and Alla Kolyban

► Flow of Economic Knowledge and Learning: Determinants of Child Achievement by Celeste Varum, Irina Silva, Abigail Ferreira and Vera Afreixo

► Addressing Plagiarism with Turnitin and Safeassign in an Undergraduate Finance Course: A Preliminary Exploration by Arthur Wilson and Morris Mitler

► Put-Call Parity and Approaches to Usury in Medieval Contracting by Arthur Wilson and Geetae Kim

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