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► Lynchburg College Pedagogical Experiment in Teaching Macroeconomic Principles: Teaching Macro Principles Using Handouts by Joseph Prinzinger and Sara E. Bennett

The College of Business Creates a Continuity Plan by Eugene Bland, Katy Peeples and Tim Klaus

► Beliefs and Perceptions of Personal Finance Among Students with Intellectual Disabilities and Their Parents by Joanne Caniglia

► Integrating International Financial Certifications with University Degree Programs: Economic Principles and the Brazilian Experience by Vinicius Carrasco, Flavio Fucs and Robert A. McLean

► Performing Simulation Analysis of Capital Budgeting Projects Using Excel without Add-ins by Jim C. Chen and Carl B. McGowan, Jr.

► Financial Analysis of the Small, Privately Held Business - An Active Learning Approach by Irv DeGraw and Robin Wilber

► Monsters Inc. as OB Teaching Aid by Tamara L. Gillis

► The Next Great Generation? A Multi-Factor Comparison with the Greatest Generation: Insights for Management and Marketing Education by Catherine Giunta

► How to Import Data into Excel from EDGAR by Rashanda McGee, Carl B. McGowan, Jr., and Susan E. Moeller

► Assessing Business Student Interest in Witnessing Production Processes in the Marketplace by Mark Mitchell, Robert Orwig and Gregory B. Turner

► Management Projects in  Service Learning: Outcomes from a Rural Learning Laboratory by Theodore D. Peters

► Exploring Learning During a YouTube Business Ethics Simulation by Rick Revoir

► Application of Operational Risk Assessment Invasion as a Passive Art Form by Elven Riley, Amanda Karpa, and Xiaohe Liang

► Religious Influences on Management Structure by Brittany Stevens, Kateland McDaniel, and Katelyn Phillips

► North Carolina's Textile Mills: Family Ties, Financial Success and Failure by Shelby M. Tadlock and Kristin Stowe

► Case Study: Planning for Retirement: Insurance versus Investing by Bryan L. Sudweeks

► Experiential Learning in Asset Management: A Principles and Applications-Based Approach by Bryan L. Sudweeks, Jim Seaberg, Brett Davis, Angelo Prieto, Ben Sain

► Experiential Learning in Personal Finance: A Principles and Applications Based Approach by James C. Brau, Jacob K. Nielson and Bryan L. Sudweeks

► Teaching of Business Statistics in the Context of Big Questions of Meaning and Value by Thomas W. Woolley, Samford University

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