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2016 Proceedings

Assessing the Impact of Effort and Learner - Content Interaction on Student Outcomes for Campus and Online Students - Joann Fredrickson, PhD


Using Trading Platforms for Simulated Trading in the Financial Derivatives Course - Robert B. Burney


ConAgra Foods Going Private – A Recipe for Success? - Susan White, Carlos Trejo-Pech, Magdy Noguera


CEOs and Stock Market Performance in the Textile Apparel Industry - Leslie Boni, Mary Anne Majadillas


Assessing the CFA University Recognition Program: A Survey Based Analysis - TERRANCE GRIEB, MAGDY NOGUERA, CARLOS OMAR TREJO-PECH


Examining When to Begin Collecting Social Security Benefits to Maximize the Present Value (A Case) - Eugene Bland


Experiential Learning in Global Asset Management: A Principles and Applications Based Approach - Jim Seaberg, Bryan L. Sudweeks


The New ROME: Teaching DuPont Analysis in an Intangible World - Neeraj J. Gupta, Wonhi Synn, Kate Upton


How to evaluate a Company following a DCF Approach - Francisco J. López Lubián


Recommended Books for Finance Students: An Annotated Bibliography and Professor Ratings - George W. Kester, Timothy B. Michael


Teaching and Learning with Cases in Finance - George W. Kester, Timothy B. Michael, Mary Funk, Robert Stretcher


Protecting Against Estate Planning Fraud:  A Tutorial for Financial Planners - Martina Schmidt, Nicole Stowell


Real World Forays in the Introductory Finance Course - Alva Wright Butcher


Addressing the Finance Employment Skills Gap: Finance Major Redesign within an Integrated Business Curriculum - Christian C. Senk


Student-Managed Investment Funds: A Survey of Student Demographics, Fund Policies, and Transparency - Christopher Kubik


The Real Cost of Student Loans: Before-tax Thinking in an After-tax World - Jeff Hill, Bryan L. Sudweeks


How Long Does Savings Last When Retirees Need More Money (or Less) than Theory Suggests? - Steven J. Welch

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