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► One Size Doesn't Fit All: Understanding Student Differences by Kristin Stowe and Sharon Clinebell


► Too Big to Fail: Suggestions to Limit the Future Fallout by Cris de la Toore and Rutilio Martinez

► Teaching Millennials: Time for a Change in Tactics by Gary Leinberger


► Using a Live Case to Teach Dual-Class Stocks and Corporate Governance by Qian Li and James Owen

► Creating a Dynamic DCF Analysis: A Detailed Excel Approach Utilizing Monte Carlo Methodology by Steven Lifland

► Market Simulation Games for Undergraduate Investment Courses: Simple or Complicated by Steven J. Welch

► Rethinking Pedagogy for Teaching ERP Systems in an Accounting Course: A Study to Determine the Most Effective Method of Transferring IT Skills in an Accounting Curriculum by Barbara Magi  Tarasovich, Kittipong Laosethakul and Benoit Boyer

► What Are the Effects of Employer-Sponsored Financial Education on Participants in Defined Contribution Plans? by Nancy Lottridge Anderson and Magdy Noguera

► The Impact of Age Differences and Race on the Social Security Early Retirement Decision for Married Couples: An Extension with Gener Role Reversals by  Diane Scott Docking, Rich Fortin and Stuart Michelson

► Investment Strategies When Selecting Sustainable Firms by Todd M. Shank and Benjamin Shockey

► Foundation Wind Energy: Wind Turbine Projects in Pakistan by Riaz Hussain

► Determinants of the Case Method: An Empirical Study in Undergraduate business Education by Carlos O. Trejo-Pech and Susan White

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